(From the Ouidad Blog) Winter has arrived and with it many of us suffer from more bad-hair days than not. Signature Styles, an exclusive provider of Ouidad Curly Hair products, has some excellent tips to help keep your hair in beautiful condition through the winter months.

Learn Why Your Curls Don't Look the Samefeatherlight-cream

There is such a difference between the warm, moist air of summer and the cold, dry air of winter. You probably noticed your curly hair beginning to dry and look frizzy as the cooler, drier fall weather settled in. But now? Ah, dryness is everywhere from outside to inside. Heaters are on which dries the air, you may be using heat diffusers to dry your hair before going outside, and just like our skin, the dry air pulls the moisture right out of us.

The Problem: Styling and Care Products are Not Equal

As the weather changes, so does your skin and hair's moisturizing needs change. Frizz happens for different reasons depending on the environment, weather, and products. The hair products you were using during the summer to prevent the summer frizz are NOT the ones you want to use in the winter.

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The Fix: Moisturizing Styler

Just like your skin craves a creamier moisturizer during the cold months, your curls might benefit from a more hydrating regimen. Try a cream formula like Advanced Climate Control® Featherlight Styling Cream. Its special blend of lightweight humectants and natural oils (Meadowfoam Seed, Olive, and Soybean) deeply nourishes curls, while silk-derived Sericin protein protects against frizz. (Courtesy Uuidad.com)

The Problem: Dry Curls + Wet Weather

You may think that your hair washing and shower routine would provide ample moisture to your hair. Unfortunately, as your hair dries out from the heating and outside lack of humidity, your hair will try to gather moisture from other environments like the wintry mix outside. This does absolutely nothing for your hair but leaving it more Ouidad curly hair products frizzled and undefined.

The Fix: Deep Conditioner

Keep curls hydrated by treating your hair to a deep conditioner once or twice weekly. Curl Recovery™ Melt-Down Extreme Repair Mask works for all curl types, and leaves hair restored and nourished. Between treatments, use an anti-frizz conditioner like Advanced Climate Control® Defrizzing Conditioner to keep curls moisturized. (Courtesy Ouidad.com)

The Problem: Heat Damage

Unlike during the warmer weather when you can wash and head out the door, winter is not so kind. There is nothing worse than running outside with wet hair into sub-zero temperatures. Ice does form!

So what do you do? You pull out that hair dryer (ouch) or spend more time with your diffuser. Heating, blow drying and further damage from hot tools result in making hair more frizz-prone and damages the cuticle of each hair by weakening it.

The Fix: Heat Protecting Primer

heat sprayTo protect your curls (and still stay toasty), add a moisture-boosting primer to your routine. Advanced Climate Control® Detangling Heat Spray helps prevent heat damage so you can diffuse worry-free. Mist it all over wet hair before applying your gel or cream styler. (Courtesy Ouidad.com)

Don't Let Winter Wreck Havoc on Your Curls

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