Signature Styles in Montpelier, VT. hosted an Alex Anthony "Curly Cutting Class" on March 20th 2017. The workshop allowed the Signature Style's staff to get "hands on" experience with the latest techniques and styles in hair curling.

See some of the before and after images here:

- Alex Anthony "Curly Cutting Class"

alex-anthony01  alex-anthony02  alex-anthony03  alex-anthony04  alex-anthony05  alex-anthony06  alex-anthony07alex-anthony08

- Debra "before and after"

Debra-01  Debra-02  Debra-03

- Jen "before and after"

Jen-01  Jen-02  Jen-03  Jen-04  Jen-05 

- Martha "before and after" 

Martha-01  Martha-02  Martha-03  Martha-04

- Summer "before and after" 

Summer-02  Summer-03  Summer-04  Summer-05  Summer-01