Signature Styles is pleased to announce the launch of our own, unique, luxury lineup of mineral based, allergen-free makeup products. Our new high-end cosmetics are designed around the needs and desires of our Montpelier beauty salon clientele.

Partnering with one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of luxury cosmetics in Canada, Signature Styles’ new makeup line has been carefully selected with our clients in mind to be:

• Free of AllergensBeauty Salon in Montpelier VT
• Free of Parabens *
• Non-Comedogenic (Won’t clog pores)
• Unscented Makeup*
• Cruelty-Free

* Please note that the pencil liquid crystal adhesive uses a small amount of paraben. The skincare line has light, natural fragrance.

We now offer a full line of customizable foundations, lipsticks, blushes and shadows in a variety of shades that are commonly requested by our Signature Styles clientele. We also offer lush, botanically based skincare products for a complete skin care regimen that will pamper, soothe and illuminate the skin.

Introducing Mineral Passion

The new cosmetics collection, which we call Mineral Passion, was developed to rejuvenate and enhance the look of clients’ skin using the finest, natural ingredients. Signature Styles makeup is all fragrance free, non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic, so even those with the most sensitive skin can use these signature products. Our cruelty-free cosmetics and skincare products are never tested on animals.

What makes Mineral Passion so special? Intense pigmentation for true, vibrant color that lasts for hours, pure minerals that are gentle to your skin and won’t clog pores and a quality guarantee. Whether you’re looking for bold colors for a glamourous look or you want just a subtle effect with the softest colors of spring, Mineral Passion cosmetics have what you’re looking for, and they are only available at our beauty salon in Montpelier, Vt.

The color offerings were carefully selected to address the diverse skincare and makeup requirements of our customers. We have customized the line to include various color palettes for all seasons and the holidays so that you can find the perfect combinations and shades for every time of year and all occasions.

The Skincare Line

Hair Salon in Montpelier VtA great makeup routine has to start with proper skincare, and Signature Styles is excited about the new skincare products we’re offering as well. Maintaining healthy, firm skin that is properly hydrated makes your face the perfect palette for our makeup products. Cleansing, toning, exfoliating, firming and hydrating are all steps that should be part of your beauty routine. With our proprietary blend of natural botanicals, we can now offer everything you need to improve your skin’s moisture level and firmness while imparting a natural glow of health. Whatever your skin concerns are, our new skincare line has a solution.

Learn More About Mineral Passion Cosmetics

Signature Styles’ makeup product consultants in Montpelier eagerly await the opportunity to demonstrate the quality and versatility of our new Mineral Passion makeup and botanical skincare line in a one-on-one session that will answer all your questions and help you create a look that is uniquely yours. You can contact the salon at 802.229.2500 to schedule a personal consultation with one of our professional makeup specialists at our hair salon in Montpelier. You’ll be amazed at the luxurious feel and enriching properties of our complete Mineral Passion collection. Let us introduce you to a revelation in skincare and makeup you’ll fall in love with.