Signature Styles is thrilled to announce that we are once again carrying the complete line of JessiCurl hair care products in our beauty salon in Montpelier, Vt. We have long beauty salons in Montpelier Vtprided ourselves on providing  our clients with the finest in hair care and styling products and JessiCurl delivers on all fronts, giving both our curly and wavy haired customers the right tools to embrace their curls and love them. Due to popular demand from our clientele, we’re reintroducing the complete line of JessiCurl products.

Natural Beauty for Curls

JessiCurl was created in 2002 by Jess McGuinty, a young woman who had fought with her unruly, curly hair for years. Through careful experimentation and lots of trial and error, she eventually created her own hair styling gel based on natural ingredients that nourished and enhanced her natural curls. Rockin’ Ringlets Styling Potion was her first product and it continues to be one of JessiCurl’s most popular offerings.

All JessiCurl products are cruelty-free, vegan and completely natural for shining, healthy looking body and control. You’ll no longer have to deal with fly-aways or frizz when you use JessiCurl products to cleanse, moisturize and style your hair. Each product smooths the hair’s cuticle, promotes shine, detangles, moisturizes and protects for gorgeous curls you’ll fall in the love with.

JessiCurls for All Kinds of Girls

No two women are alike, and no two women have the same issues with their curly hair. Whether you have fine, limp waves or coarse, tight corkscrew curls, there are JessiCurl products for your specific hair type. When you get a new cut or style from one of our experienced beauty consultants in Montpelier, it’s just the first step toward beautiful, healthy hair. Maintaining your hair properly between visits is essential to having hair you’ll love to show off every day. JessiCurl products give you the tools you need to pamper your hair and encourage beautiful, lasting curls between salon visits so you look your best every day and embrace the beauty of your curls.

Hair Stylists in Central Vermont New, Unscented Line of Products

We’re so excited to offer JessiCurl’s complete lineup of unscented beauty products for sale in Montpelier for the first time. This collection of shampoos, cleansers, conditioners and hair care products now accounts for over 65% of JessiCurl’s total sales nation-wide. No more worries about hair care products with scents that battle with your perfume or overpower with artificial scents!

Not Just for Curly Hair

While JessiCurl hair care products were originally developed by and for women with curly hair, their combination of gentle ingredients and superior style enhancement make them a great option for anyone who wants to treat their hair with kindness using gluten-free, cruelty-free and vegan haircare solutions that are gentle enough to use every day.

A consultation with any of our beauty consultants in Montpelier can help you select the ideal JessiCurl products for your type of hair, whether long or short, wavy, straight or kinky. We’ve been recognized by as a leader in the unique needs of women with curly hair and we’re waiting to help you create the perfect at-home hair care routine to transform your unruly curls into your crowning glory!

Stop by Signature Styles in Montpelier today to pick up your favorite Jessicurl products.