The eyelashes we are born with, care for, try to enhance and eventually begin to thin out can bring us a world of woes. The mascara industry knows that enhancing our eyelashes is a big business as they repeatedly bring out “newer” and “better” products for us to buy.

Today, it has become a popular service to provide clients with lash extensions. The cost and time savings plus a great look makes this a valuable offering to women everywhere. Signature Styles is one of the beauty salons in Montpelier, VT that can improve the look of your natural lashes with lash extensions.

What are Lash Extensions Anyway?

lash extensionUnlike the lashes in a box you see sold at department stores and pharmacies, or the old “party” lashes (which we simply glue-on rows of lashes for extremely temporary looks), lash extensions are a huge success.

Eye lash extensions are semi-permanent and are single synthetic lashes applied directly to existing natural lashes using a uniquely formulated glue. The lashes will remain secure for two to four weeks, depending on the care you provide them and touch ups you may have done.

Full lashes were often only considered when one needed a super glam look for a party or special occasion. Now, lash extensions complete your every day look without the time consuming morning routine.

Debunking Old-Wive's Tales and Other Myths

Signature Styles' staff spend many training hours to learn the best ways to provide the services our clients want at their hair salons in Montpelier, VT. Our lash extension stylists would like you to know the truth about extensions.


We have all heard, “I can’t get lash extensions, because I don’t want to worry about them getting wet.” Quite the opposite is true. It is vital to lash retention and healthy lashes to keep them clean. Washing lashes can also help to cut down on allergic reactions. Cleaning your lashes with a quality lash wash made specifically for eyelash extensions will ensure that your lashes look and feel amazing. Washed lashes not only look better, but they feel better as well. Remember lashes are an investment and often the first thing that someone notices about you. Be sure to keep them clean and happy by washing them regularly, and your lash artist will love you too.


The old adage of “you get what you pay for” is true when it comes to lash extensions and services. In different parts of the U.S. and on a global scale, prices for lash extensions will vary based on the cost of living in that area. Advise clients that they shouldn’t cut corners and try to find the cheapest lash artist.

brown eyesRather, tell them to find an artist who values their quality of work and invests in quality education.

Quality of work. A lash artist who values their quality of work gives their client value in providing an amazing service. This may not be cheap, but it will save them money in the long run. There are so many different eye shapes and looks, and clients want to be sure that their lash artist can give them a look with lash extensions that is best for their eye features.



This is absolutely not true. Although lashes are a painless and often relaxing experience, they do take time to do them correctly, as the skill set of artistry required is detailed. Some lash artists work quicker than others, but lash artists should schedule enough time for each client to give them the best service possible.

Courtesy of SkinInc Magazine Article by Megan Tandburg)

Lash Extensions in Montpelier, VT Are Here

It's a mistaken belief that lash extensions cause damage to natural lashes. If applied correctly by a certified lash technician, they can be worn continuously. Always do your research and choose a technician who is fully qualified, experienced and who considers the health of natural lashes to be of the utmost importance. Be sure to ask questions, obtain references if possible, look through the technician's portfolio of photographs, and even look to see if the stylist is wearing extension! This is a great way to determine how well liked the extensions are and the comfort level achieved.

Contact us today for your lash extension consultation. Signature Styles staff continue to bring you the best products and services available and exclusively at our salon. Gift certificates always available.