Women have long been subjected to unknown and dangerous ingredients in their beauty makeup. Wearing makeup is often a necessity in today's world, but it is also a huge part of our daily life as we accent our best features.blinc 02

Our eyes are truly one of the places that we spend a large amount of time as we prepare for the day. Frighteningly, the products we may have been using are not healthy or safe for us. This is where Signature Styles in Montpelier, VT works hard to find and bring to you the best and safest makeup brands available. Our commitment to natural and effective products for our clients, and our determination to offer only the best, allows us to be exclusive providers of very popular brands.

Introducing The Blinc Line of Cosmetics

We are thrilled to be chosen as the exclusive provider of Blinc Eye Makeup Brand products in Central Vermont. Blinc Inc. came to fruition through the research of Lewis Farsedakis in 1999 in response to his fiancee's desire for a mascara that would not clump, flake, smudge or wear off during the day.

Lewis learned that common mascara was made up of an oil-based material that basically “painted” the eyelashes. Alongside a chemist, Lewis embarked on his journey to develop a unique formula that would provide better coverage. The result? A stupendous mascara that encases each individual lash in a “tube” of color that holds perfectly and does not clump, smudge, run or flake.

Blinc, Inc., who is all about the eyes, carries a full line of mascara, eye liner, eye shadow primer, color palettes, and eyebrow mousse and pencils. The products are never tested on animals.

Blinc mascara amplified has been tested by an independent certified laboratory in the United States. The tests were conducted to identify any irritancy potential utilizing the MatTek EpiOcular in vitro toxicity testing system, using Good Laboratory Practice principles. The results were definite - blinc mascara was given a non-irritating classification. We are also proud to say that blinc mascara has not been tested on animals.

Removal is as simple as warm water and a bit of pressure to clean. This removes the danger of using harsh chemicals found in makeup removers as well as protecting the eyes from irritation making Blinc perfectly safe for people with sensitive eyes, skin and contact wearers.

Beauty salons in Montpelier, VT are often very restrictive in their offerings to their clients, choosing to stick with the major brands for the sake of convenience. The consultants at Signature Styles Salon bring a whole new experience to women all over the state and especially here in the Montpelier Amplifiedarea by researching and testing quality products that offer the best results for our clients.

We are not just a hair salon in Montpelier. We strive to be a full service location where you and your friends can feel pampered, listened to, and learn how to develop your own personal style and protect your skin and hair. As the exclusive provider of this amazing line of products from Blinc, Inc., we are excited to show you how long-lasting and safe the eye enhancers (mascara, eye shadow, eye liner, and brow definers) work.

Even if you sleep with your eye makeup on, run a marathon, take a long international flight, or simply need to get through your day, these products will keep you looking fresh and perfect.

Signature Styles – The Salon With a Difference

We're not just about hair. Although, we are also exclusive providers of some amazing, top-of-the-line hair care products, including Ouidad for curly hair, we know that presenting you with makeup options offers you the entire look you want.

Bringing the Blinc line of eye cosmetics here to Central Vermont is a breath of fresh air to women all over. No other mascara or eye product can compare to what Blinc has developed. We look forward to showing you the complete line and, as you know, we also are a retail beauty products in Montpelier provider with excellent cosmetics for all your needs. 

Call today for your appointment or stop by to see us. We look forward to showing you the Blinc line and being your one-stop beauty salon in Montpelier, VT.