As we age, we see numerous changes in our bodies, skin, and energy. Our skin takes up a large majority of our being and shows the aging process long before we actually feel the changes. The staff of extraordinary stylists at Signature Styles are pleased to offer you two new lines of products and services to help combat those changes.

We've recently completed intensive training and achieved our certification for ProCell Microchanneling and DefenAge anti-aging treatments. With these newest product and service lines, we are excited to offer you the opportunity to experience the most effective anti-aging products right here in Montpelier, VT.

Which Product is For You?

As the premier beauty salon in Montpelier, VT, the exclusive retailer of DefenAge and provider of ProCell Microchanneling, our services have expanded to provide you with the absolute best and safest products on the market. Both these new lines were previously only available at MedSpas and Dermotologists. What an honor to be able to bring you the best treatments right here at Signature Styles.

DefenAge is an at-home treatment program consisting of a 3-piece product set that you can do yourself at home. We have excellent lines of retail beauty products in Montpelier, VT.

kitsThe scientists at DefenAge have identified how to unlock the key to youth with powerful, synthetically produced messenger peptides called Age-Repair Defensins™. These patent-pending peptides are the FIRST of their kind and available EXCLUSIVELY in DefenAge skincare. Age-Repair Defensins™ are an age-correcting discovery, transported in a special liposome system. Combined with specially selected skincare ingredients to create an ideal bio-environment, skin rejuvenates its appearance NATURALLY and EFFECTIVELY.

ProCell Microchanneling

Microchanneling with ProCell is the most effective and non-invasive way for an aesthetic professional to safely improve the appearance of fine lines, acne scarring and hyperpigmentation, among other issues. Microchanneling will keep your skin looking and feeling younger by activating your body's natural cellular regeneration to help tighten and lift skin, while minimizing many common skin problems.

Microchanneling utilizes stimulation to communicate to your skin's natural healing ability rather than using destruction and inflammation like most treatments available in the aesthetic industry. This results in a more enjoyable treatment, virtually non-existent downtimes and happier skin.

Microchanneling with ProCell Therapies dramatically improves the appearance of: 4T-Signaturesstyles121918

Wrinkles/Fine Lines, Loose Skin, Acne Scars/Surgical Scars, Nourishes Hair Follicles, Stretch Marks, Sun Damage, Skin Texture and Hyperpigmentation

Signature Styles Is Your Go-To Salon

Our focus is always on providing our clientele with the safest, most effective, and empowering products and services. Our commitment to ongoing education, training, and certification enhances the services we can provide to you.

Signature Styles has been leading the way with the latest hair style trends, curly hair treatments, natural makeup, gorgeous manicures, hair treatments to bring back the glow, body and strength – and now, the ability to offer you these superb anti-aging skin treatments. No other beauty salon in Montpelier, VT can offer these extraordinary services and retail beauty products in Montpelier, VT.

Call us today to schedule your appointment and let us show you how these new treatments could be a life changer for you. Gift certificates always available.