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Loving summer for its warmth, sunshine and fun times is often the highlight of our many changing seasons. Unfortunately, our hair (and especially curly hair) is subjected to intense sunlight, heat, humidity, chlorine in pools, saltwater at the ocean, and possibly you even tie up your gorgeous locks into ponytails or other configurations to keep yourself cool.

Curly hair, and hair in general, requires a fair amount of proper maintenance to keep it at its best. Not to say that your hair should take a ton of time to care for, but when the changing seasons leave you feeling a bit drab, it's time to do a bit of extra loving.

Give Your Hair TLC at Signature Styles

hairWe encourage you to have a good hair-care regimen throughout the year. With so many excellent retail beauty products for sale in Montpelier, VT, the choices may seem overwhelming. Our staff at Signature Styles have been busy with gaining new and exciting expertise in caring for curly hair. We have attended several extensive training workshops with our product vendors and are designated as exclusive retailers in Montpelier for many.

As Summer ends and we look forward to the cooler air of Autumn, take the time to schedule an appointment with one of our stylists to evaluate your hair and offer you the best results using safe products specially made for your hair type.

One of the most important parts of your hair-care routine should include using a clarifying shampoo such as the renowned Ouidad Water Works Clarifying Shampoo.

Here's How It Works

Since many of the clarifying shampoos on the market can strip hair’s moisture, it’s important to choose a formula that’s designed to be gentle on curls.

To wash away heavy build-up, try the Quidad Water Works Clarifying Shampoo, which contains citrus extracts to deep clean curls without leaving hair dehydrated.

This shampoo has a chelating formula, which means it cleanses the hair of metals, minerals, and chlorine that water can deposit on hair — making it ideal for swimmers or anyone who lives in an area with hard water.

more hairOur hair salon in Montpelier, VT carries a full line of Ouidad products. We can get your hair under control, frizz-free and feeling so much healthier. There is nothing like having your personal stylist evaluate and choose the best products for the outcome you desire. The first step to healthy hair comes from getting a head start on proper care and conditioning.

Once we've gotten you going in the right direction, weekly care will be explained and we'll be happy to help you get the right products to continue care at home.

Use a clarifying shampoo once a week in place of your regular shampoo to rejuvenate your curls. Follow with your favorite moisturizing conditioner. Clarifying shampoos are also ideal to prep hair for deep conditioning treatments, since they remove residue and allow the treatment’s nourishing ingredients to penetrate more easily.

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