Pamper Mom for Mother's Day with an Appointment at Signature Styles There is a very special person in your life that has done so much for you. Yes, your Mother! With Mother's Day fast approaching, wouldn't this be the perfect time to pamper her with luxury treatments at Signature Styles in Montpelier?

mani pedi picIt can be difficult to think of something special and unique to honor our Mothers with on this very special day. We try to show them regularly how much they mean to us, are loved and appreciated. Ladies are often quiet about what they might actually like for special holidays like Mother's Day.

Keeping with the old traditions of candy, flowers and yard work has worn a bit thin. They are lovely gestures, don't get us wrong and deeply appreciated by women all over the globe.

How about trying something totally unique and ever so relaxing? Hair salons in Montpelier may offer basic services, but none can be compared with us here at Signature Styles. We have the latest product and style knowledge due to our ongoing training. We just had a fantastic Alex Anthony workshop on curly hair cuts and styles. Learning and education of the newest styles, techniques and products helps us to stand out as the perfect salon here in Montpelier to meet all your needs.

Signature Styles Welcomes Your Mom

Whether you are looking for something special for Mother's Day, a birthday, or just a perfect gift to pamper our special lady, we have some excellent options for her right here or purchase a gift certificate and let mom choose her own form of "pampering".

spa picOur Spa Services offer lash extensions, natural waxing, facials (European facials, Enzyme treatment, professional strength peels and Oxygen RX facials as well as makeup using Bare Escentuals.

Maybe Mom would enjoy a full manicure and pedicure. Picture perfect nails (Over 80 shades of colors) and soothing pedicure foot soak and scrub will rejuvenate the most tired feet.  Mom would just love such pampering and beautiful nails.

When you are looking for hair salons in Montpelier, we would like to be the first place you think of no matter the occasion.  Our stylists all share a deep commitment to education and training in order to bring you the best services, techniques and retail beauty products in Montpelier.

Does mom have curly hair? We have an amazing Keratin treatment that can reduce frizz and create a looser and more defined curl pattern.

This Mother's Day, why not pamper the Mom in your life with the absolute best? We here at Signature Styles know how important it is to be treated in a personal unique-to-you session with one of our extraordinary stylists.

Every mom deserves to be treated like a Queen. Show mom how much you appreciate all her hard work and endless care she provides everyone in her life.  Signature Styles in Montpelier can make her day extra special and provide her with much needed relaxation and rejuvenation.

It's mom's special day ! Set up an appointment for the works (hair, facials and nails) or utilize any of our spa services individually. This could be the extra special gift that mom will rave about for years to come. Think how special it would make her day to be truly pampered. Don't forget to take her out for lunch or dinner at a quiet, relaxing restaurant!

Stop by Signature Styles in Montpelier today for the best retail beauty products in Montpelier and the happiest stylists in the business. We look forward to meeting your  special lady and giving her the best pampering treatment available or stop by for a gift certificate that mom can use anytime.

Signature Styles in Montpelier, VT. hosted an Alex Anthony "Curly Cutting Class" on March 20th 2017. The workshop allowed the Signature Style's staff to get "hands on" experience with the latest techniques and styles in hair curling.

See some of the before and after images here:

- Alex Anthony "Curly Cutting Class"

alex-anthony01  alex-anthony02  alex-anthony03  alex-anthony04  alex-anthony05  alex-anthony06  alex-anthony07alex-anthony08

- Debra "before and after"

Debra-01  Debra-02  Debra-03

- Jen "before and after"

Jen-01  Jen-02  Jen-03  Jen-04  Jen-05 

- Martha "before and after" 

Martha-01  Martha-02  Martha-03  Martha-04

- Summer "before and after" 

Summer-02  Summer-03  Summer-04  Summer-05  Summer-01

Signature Styles Montpelier

Welcome to Spring! The season of fresh starts, new beginnings, and some special pampering for you. Signature Styles in Montpelier has just what you need to make the most of the coming seasons of warmth and sunshine. 

Your hair, skin and nails are an important part of your overall self-esteem and just general feel-good experiences. We are always feeling so much better and brighter when our hair is flowing smoothly, our skin is bright and clear, and our nails have that professionally done look.

Salon Services in Montpelier

Today you have many choices of hair salons in Montpelier that offer full specialty services. With Signature Styles, our energetic and up-to-date stylists bring so much more to the salon experience and provide you with in-depth personalized attention.

IMG 9918Signature Styles offers you the services and products that you need today. Our staff of independent stylists have tried and tested the products we use in the salon and believe in the product results. Our selection of retail beauty products in Montpelier exhibit our determination to bring you only the best on the market.

“ We strive to be the premier full service salon by offering the latest hairstyle, make-up, and nail service trends. Style offerings range from modern classic to the most up-to-date trendy. The stylists all share their commitment to education and training. As styles are constantly changing, staying current enables the talented design team to offer new and exciting looks. “

Our salon offers more than just hair cuts! With exquisite spa options you can pamper yourself with Natural Waxing, NovaLash eyelash extensions, manicures, nails and pedicures, facials (choose from four different types) and make-up using Bare Escentuals.  What better way to take care of the skin and hair you have than to experience a full treatment to make you feel like a princess?

Hair Cuts in Montpelier

Whether you are looking for a simple cut and style, or need something elegant for an upcoming wedding, our experienced and dedicated stylists here at Signature Styles are ready to make your dream come true.

We pride ourselves in being able to meet each client's needs and provide the best service and experience in Montpelier. See our Hair Services page for pricing and options. 

IMG 6137 300x100000We are excited about our All Natural Brazilian Keratin Treatment. This is an amazingly wonderful process that repairs all hair types including:

Chemically damaged

Naturally curly

Safe for all ages

We are Central Vermont's Exclusive Certified Location! Let us show you how the All Natural Brazilian Keratin Treatment can restore your hair to health and vibrancy.

Signature Styles Welcomes You

Conveniently located at the Capitol Plaza Hotel & Conference Center on 100 State St. in Montpelier, you can easily schedule your appointment with us for a time that suits your busy day.

Although walk-ins are welcome, in order to provide the utmost in personalized care, we do recommend that you schedule an appointment.  We want your experience here to be a personal and relaxing time. You deserve a special day to pamper yourself, whether for a new hair style, color, keratin  treatment, facial, manicure or one of our other special services. 

The amazing team here at Signature Styles looks forward to welcoming you and helping make your time here with us special.

about novalash 01

Novalash Signature Styles now offers NovaLash eyelash extensions at our Salon in Montpelier. Considered by beauty experts as one of the healthiest professional eyelash extension systems, NovaLash offers a wide variety of stunning colors, textures and sizes of eyelash extensions that allows you to customize the look you want for any occasion .

Founded in 2004 by biologist and cosmetic chemist Sophy Merszei, NovaLash is now available in thousands of salons and spas across the United States and in over 40 countries worldwide. The Beauty Bar is proud to offer its clientele NovaLash extensions including the Platinum Bond adhesive that has been shown to be 4 times as effective as the leading competitor when it comes to strength, durability, pigmentation, texture and curl. Stylish women who want to enhance a new look will definitely appreciate the safe, beautiful and flawless eyelash extensions available from NovaLash.

damaged hair


Heat damage is the enemy of progress in the natural hair community. No curly girl ever wants to hear that her hair has heat damage.

When I was relaxed, I put heat on my hair every single day. I had no idea that I was damaging my hair by doing this. Now that I look back, it wasn’t the best idea to be treating my hair this way, which is why my hair would never retain length past a certain point. My hair was brittle and would always break off. Now I seldom use heat and always apply a heat protectant when blow-drying my hair to prevent heat damage. I also never flat iron or straighten my hair myself; I only go to my stylist for that service.

People often ask me if heat damage can be reversed. I’ve heard so many tips and tricks on how to possibly reverse heat damage from using beer on your hair to protein treatments to revert your curls. To answer your questions, we spoke with one of my favorite stylists, Nadling Pollard of Salon Pressure in Chicago, to ask her all about heat damage.

What causes heat damage?

Pollard: “Heat damage is caused when a person uses heat styling tools that are either too hot or repeatedly uses heat styling tools on the same section of hair. If you use very high heat settings such as 400-450 degrees, then you should only press the hair a maximum of two times. Thermal styling your hair midweek can also cause heat damage, which is why it should be avoided. I advise my clients that if they need to use heat again during the week, pick one day midweek when they feel they need to look a particular way or style to use heat and don’t do it again. Using minimal to no heat during the week will help to avoid heat damage while styling at home.”

Can heat damage be reversed?

Pollard: “Heat damage can be addressed if it’s not too severe. When the cuticle layer of the hair strand is scorched or overdressed, it won’t curl up as if it were untouched. Some of the curls can be revived if the over processing is minimal. This can be done through professional protein treatments, but know that this process may not fix your hair completely. If you still have stringy bits of hair that won’t curl, then you will eventually have to cut them off.”

What is “heat training?”

Pollard: “Heat training” can happen without scorching or singeing the hair but must be done by a very thoughtful and careful stylist. Heat training is the loosening of one’s natural curl pattern through the regular application of heat. It will require some consecutive visits to your local professional and you should take a break by getting a set style to renew your curl pattern.”

Loosening the curl pattern by repeatedly using heat is just another form of heat damage, even if the popular term is "heat training." I have never tried it, but everyone is different and some curly girls have done this and liked the results.

You can read the original article here: Naturally