Ouidad Curly Hair Products exclusive vendor in Central, Vermont

At Signature Styles in Montpelier, Vt. Our mission and deepest desire is to stay at the cutting-edge of hair care and style trends in order to provide our clients with the most enjoyable experience in the area. Our latest training was to attend the Paul Mitchell Hair Camp. Paul Mitchell is one of the most well-known names in the hair hair salon in Montpelier Vt care industry with an intense eye to the future and what women really want in today's styles and trends.

The entire team of stylists attended Paul Mitchell Hair Camp 2017 in Manchester NH Oct 23, 2017. The theme for this years' hands-on workshop was "Beautifully Undone". In addition to learning the newest in haircut trends for Fall '17 we experienced new upstyle techniques, as well as the latest in hair painting and highlighting application. On October 30, we hosted an in-salon private training with Sue Torrence, educator for Paul Mitchell systems.

Live models were recruited from the Montpelier area, and enjoyed receiving their choice of 2 variations of the new "shaggy layered" look.

The Shaggy Layered Look is Creating Waves

We totally enjoyed the opportunity to learn hands-on techniques at our salon with Sue Torrence. The newest hair trend, the Shaggy-Layered look, brings back a whole new softness and appeal to many women all across the world. Several local ladies participated and turned their locks into a whole new look that accentuated their faces, style and personality. We are the cutting-edge hair salon in Montpelier. We invite you to join us and receive the look you want and deserve.

Before and after photos depict some of the results and we are pleased to provide these for you. Pictures can speak volumes.

haircamp before02


haircamp after02       

haircamp 03

haircamp before01


haircamp after01



Hair Painting and Highlights – Oh My!

Techniques in our industry are constantly changing, evolving and improving. Highlighting and hair painting is another sure fire way to express your personality and improve your enjoyment and appreciation of your hair and look. Highlighting produces such a gentle and elegant change to the look of your hair and softens the look with carefully and expertly placed highlights. Gone are the days of brash frosting and poor color.

The products we use offer the very best in results without the fear of harsh chemicals or loss of color. Hair painting has become another fun and easy method to make changes that are appropriate for special occasions, a newer stand-out look,or just for the fun of it.

Our stylists can offer you great advice as to color choices, location of the color, and can professionally apply the newest in hair painting techiniques to give you the look you are dreaming of.

Up-Styles Are Always in Style

The holidays are coming and of course all those special occasions throughout the year where you may want to do a nice up-style that provides the elegance and softness needed. Our recent training at Paul Mitchel Hair Camp provided us with some awesome up-style techniques and new ideas that we are excited to show you.

We believe that every woman deserves to feel beautiful for special occasions and confidant and gorgeous every day. Your hair is one of your greatest assets and you are sure to desire a staff and salon that takes you personally and tailors a look just for you. We are not cookie-cutter stylists. We look at you, your facial shape and your lifestyle to help you choose the most appealing and comfortable style that works for you.

Our extensive training in today's trends and best products on the market is one of the main reasons we are a sought-after salon in Montpelier, VT. Signature Styles is Montpelier's "go to salon" for the latest in trends for haircuts, color, and upstyle techniques. Schedule your personal consultation appointment today!

Gift certificates always available and would make perfect Holiday gifts for that special lady in your life!

Ouidad Curly Hair Products Supplier in Montpileir Vt

Curly hair can be difficult and unmanageable without the right tools and products. In the past, many women have turned to denying their naturally curly hair by straightening those curls in an effort to tame them. The results have been less than stellar as hair is sensitive and becomes dry, dull and damaged from excessive use of poor quality products (shampoos and conditioners) and over drying or burning.Signature Styles Your Ouidad Curly Hair Products Consultants in Montpileir Vt

Today, with so many new products and technology, naturally-born curly heads can embrace their uniqueness and enjoy a new freedom that doesn't include burning your hair. Signature Styles Salon in Montpelier has the answer for you!  We are Central Vermont's exclusive retailer for this coveted line!!!

Retail Beauty Products in Montpelier

Here in Montpelier, VT we are somewhat removed from the hustle and bustle of the large cities and it can be hard to find salons and stylists that take their profession seriously and who can bring quality products to you.

Signature Styles Salon is one place that you can trust to bring out the absolute best in your appearance. Our commitment to high-quality products for hair, skin and makeup makes us stand out above all the rest. Our stylists are exclusively trained in all aspects of personal care for our clients. Each new product line we bring in has been carefully evaluated to be sure we are providing you with the best items available that will be good for your skin and hair, plus look tremendous on you.Ouidad Curly Hair Products Consultants in Central Vermont

Curly hair has not been forgotten. With our newest opportunity to bring you even more extraordinary products, we have been appointed an exclusive provider of Ouidad curly hair products. This means you can now get the absolute most out of your hair and keep it beautiful all day long.

Ouidad was founded in 1984 and the first salon was opened dedicated to curls and offering women the freedom to embrace endless options and envious texture to their curly locks.

Curls are unique individuals. Each one is different and has its own internal structure which controls the shape and flow of your hair. Ouidad developed a signature line of products that complement each style, because every curl deserves the exact regimen that will make it happy and healthy.

We are so excited to share Ouidad products with you. We have watched first-hand how Ouidad can change a tired head of curls into a vibrancy you may not have seen for years. Our mission works to empower women to appreciate their uniqueness and love their own beauty.  We are so excited about this incredible line of curly hair products that our staff is ready to present you with complimentary product consultations.Signature Styles in Montpelier Central Vermonts Ouidad Curly Hair Products exclusive consultants

The stylists at Signature Styles are thrilled to be working with this new product and are ready to show you just how much difference in can make in your awesome curls. Stop straightening, tugging, and hiding your beautiful curls. Let us introduce you to the products that will work best on your hair and give you an amazing feeling of enjoyment and happiness in how your hair should really feel.

Walk ins are always welcome, though for your personal introduction to the Ouidad products (or any of our make up/cosmetic options) we do recommend you call ahead for your personal appointment. Reach us at (802) 229-2500 and we will get you scheduled at a time that is convenient for you for a free consultation on our Ouidad Curly Hair products line. Gift certificates are always available.  Call us for an appointment today!!

From the Alima Pure Blog: 

(From the Chair: 3 Cream Concealer Application Tips)

Cream concealers can be a blessing and a curse, especially if you do not know the hows and whys of the products. Once you know how to apply a concealer properly, the mystery subsides. At Signatures Styles you can experience the excellent coverage and clean makeup from the renowned Alima Pure line of chemical free cosmetics.

Alima Pure provides minimal ingredients for maximum impact. Our products are never tested on animals and are made from the highest quality natural materials that will enhance and nourish your skin.

In the Spotlight Today – Three Cream Concealer Tips

Our makeup artist shares three of her favorite tips for making the most of your Cream Concealer. It wears beautifully over Smooth + Prime, and under Satin Matte Foundation, Liquid Silk Foundation, and Pressed Foundation.

1. Turn Up the Heat

"The natural oils and waxes in Cream Concealer are most effective when the heat of your skin warms them up a little bit. They blend more easily, and they cover more Alima blog 2smoothly. Gently swirl your finger in the pan to warm the formula, then apply with a brush or your fingertips."

2. Make Triangles + (Parentheses)

"For a brighter complexion, apply Cream Concealer over dark circles along the orbital bone, downward from the inner part of your under eye area along the side of your nose, and then blend gently to make a triangle. You can also apply a small amount on either side of your nostrils, and at the sides of your mouth, making the shape of parentheses. Be sure to blend well with your fingers or the Concealer Brush for a noticeably brighter, but natural finish."

3. Light Layers =  More Effective Coverage

"A lightweight layer of concealer tapped directly onto the blemish with a fine-tipped brush (we love the tip of the Concealer Brush or the Ultra-Fine Liner Brush) helps to minimize redness without drawing attention to the area with excess product. To set your concealer, add a light layer of pore-blurring Satin Finishing Powder to even your complexion and help your makeup last longer."  (Courtesy AlimaPure.com)

Concealer First, Then Foundation

There’s often a debate about whether to apply concealer before or after foundation. It makes sense to use it before your foundation in order to base fill those difficult areas. You want the dark circles r blemishes to be evened out before applying foundation.

Finish with Loose Powder

Using one of our exquisite loose powders over the top of the concealer helps to set it in place and goes one step further to even out skin tone—especially under your eyes.

Choose One Shade Lighter

When choosing a concealer, go about one shade lighter than your foundation. Then apply your foundation and dust with a translucent powder to finish. Less is always more, so don't get heavy handed with applying any product. 

Signature Styles Carries Alima Pure Cosmetics

As the selected exclusive Alima Pure retailer in Vermont, Signature Styles welcomes you to experience the mineral based cosmetic lines up close and in person.  Our superbly trained and professional staff of stylists here can help you feel amazing! 

We believe that skincare makeup needs to be nourishing, gentle and reliable.  It needs to bring out your best features and provide all-day coverage.  A huge confidence builder!  Call or stop by for your personal introduction to Alima Pure cosmetics. 

Signature Styles is the premier retail beauty products retailer in Montpelier and we are so excited to share this wonderful line with you!  Call us today at 802-229-2500 to make an appointment.  Remember, Gift Certificates are always available.

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organic makeup products Montpelier, VT

Without a doubt, our bodies are constantly exposed to so many chemicals in our personal care products, home cleaners and environment. And as women, we may be sustaining even more damage from toxins and chemicals. Our skin soaks in everything...the good and the bad. Everything from soaps, lotions, make up, lipstick, mascara, eye shadow, toothpaste, hair care products are known to harbor toxic chemicals. Yet, no one does anything to ban or stop the use of such things. The FDA doesn't even regulate the ingredients in cosmetics. 

Under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, cosmetic products and ingredients do not require FDA approval before they go on the market. 

Natural Cosmetics Are Safer and Effective

Signature Styles here in Montpelier, VT continues to delve deep into the subject of organic makeup and natural cosmetics because we believe in providing our clients with the information and education they need to be better informed along with excellent, safe and effective beauty products.

We are enthused to offer our clients the two newest “Green” beauty cosmetic lines by Ecobrow, and Hynt Beauty.

Hynt Beauty

Natural, Toxin-Free & Skin-Healthy Luxury Makeup & Skin Care Collection

Hynt Beauty products are formulated with organic ingredients wherever possible, and are all vegan except for the mascara, which uses beeswax so as not to compromise the stunning finish and efficacy that we promise across all of our products. Formulated with organic ingredients that are rich in antioxidants, extracts and oils that hydrate, soothe and rejuvenate the skin, what we choose to put into our skin-perfecting formulas is just as important to us as what we choose not to include. Hynt is non-comedogenic and free of toxins, gluten, parabens, silicone and talc as well as animal cruelty-free (PETA approved). There are no GMOs, FD&C dyes (except for in the ARIA Lipstick in Red Fervor), carmines, phthalates, irritating bismuth oxychloride, or nanoparticles used in any of the formulations. We do not use artificial preservatives, and instead tap into the potent natural antimicrobial and antibacterial powers of herbs, plants and flowers.

EcoBrow by Marco Ochoa

eco-brow-02The unique EcoBrow formula blends and diffuses easily into the brow hair, and contains silica for oil absorption as well as nourishing Vitamin E. The intensity of each shade can be controlled easily with the application — you can go as light or dark as you’d like.

Signature Styles Brings You Products For Your Lifestyle

Providing you with safe and effective product for your skin and hair is our focus. We know that our bodies are overwhelmed with chemicals and your makeup doesn't need to be one of them.

Hynt Beauty Lash Caring Ingredients:

• ORGANIC CHAMOMILE : A potent anti-inflammatory that helps balance oily or acne-prone skin.

• ORGANIC ROSEMARY LEAF : Increases the skin's elasticity while phytonutrients help protect

skin cells from free radicals and the sun. A natural antiseptic with anti-inflammatory properties.

• ORGANIC SUNFLOWER SEED OIL : Contains many of beauty's essential fatty acids that

encourage the formation of collagen and elastin while protecting skin with its natural anti-bacterial

properties to help minimize acne.

Why NOCTURNE Mascara is Better for You and your Eyes:

• All Natural, Vegan, Organics-based with No Animal Cruelty

• NO GMO’s, Gluten Free and Non-Comedogenic

• Free of Toxins, Petrochemicals, Parabens and Silicones

• Does not use skin irritating Bismuth Oxychloride, Talc, Titanium Dioxide, FD&C Dyes

• NO Phthalates and Mineral Oils

• Only natural preservatives used

Libre Luxurious Lip Gloss

Hynt Libre Luxurious Lips Montpelier, VTPacked with organic oils and extracts to treat the lips, the range of colors are designed to flatter all

skin tones at every age. Our luxuriously creamy but lightweight vegan lip gloss is free of all things

undesired, making it the perfect everyday, wearable color essential to keep lips kissably soft. LIBRE

is a great solution for women who find it challenging to find a lip color that will not irritate their skin.

Our Lip Pampering Ingredients:

• ORGANIC CASTOR SEED OIL : Extremely gentle on the skin and its water-b inding abilities

keep moisture close to the skin's surface.

• ORGANIC COCONUT OIL : Rich in skin moisturizing fatty acids and skin rejuvenating

proteins that promote the natural, healthy renewal process of the skin.

• ORGANIC SHEA BUTTER : Derived from the seeds of the African Shea Tree, the deeply

hydrating skin smoother conditions and increases viscosity of healthy, balanced skin.

• ORGANIC GRAPEFRUIT SEED : Balances the pH of the skin and speeds up digestion of

proteins that helps cleanse skin by removing old skin cell layers.

• ORGANIC JOJOBA OIL : Smoothes, moisturizes and prevents dryness at skin’s deeper

layers. Breathable and non-greasy, the oil is also known to diminish excessive sebum

protection. Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.

Why LIBRE is Better for You and your Lips:

• All Natural, Vegan, Organics-based & NO Animal Cruelty

• NO GMO’s, Gluten Free and Non-Comedogenic

• Free of Toxins, Petrochemicals, Parabens and Silicones

• Does not use skin irritating Bismuth Oxychloride, Talc, FD&C

Dyes, Phthalates and Mineral Oils. Only natural


As Signature Styles focuses on bringing you the best in natural cosmetics, we encourage you to drop by Signature Styles for the best natural beauty products in Vermont or make an appointment with us to experience the feel and quality of these excellent two new “Green” lines of beauty products.

We are tremendously excited and proud to be able to offer safe and non-toxic products for your skin and lifestyle. Signature Styles is the home of downtown Montpelier's only full service salon offering a completely organic makeup line of products. Experience the difference and meet our amazing team of highly-trained and enthusiastic stylists. Gift certificates available!


retail beauty products in Montpelier

Sweet Summer!  Finally, we're here and hopefully enjoying all that summer has to bring. There are parties, get-togethers, weddings, reunions, cookouts and a myriad of other events. With all the events and trips or vacations we engage in during these gorgeous months of summer, we want to look our best.

Signature Styles in Montpelier, VT has the collection of makeup you've been looking for. Alima Pure brings you  products that are free of parabens, sulfates, synthetic dyes, phthalates, dimethicone, petroleum, talc, bismuth oxychloride, and nanoparticles.They’re absolutely never tested on animals.

Did you know there are perfect summer eyeshadow palettes for every skin tone and eye color? Are you using the best colors to enhance your eyes and give you that beautiful, fresh look you love?

Our extraordinary new line of makeup from Alima Pure has just the colors, shades and excitement that you dream of. In Alima Pure's Blog article (Our Go-To Summer Eyeshadow Looks) there are some very helpful tips on getting your summer colors right the first time.

Alima Pure Eyeshadow Options

With a few shades of Pressed Eyeshadow and Eye Primer, you can create plenty of looks that are equal parts interesting and flattering.These are our go-to summer eye makeup looks, and we recommend them for any and all of your upcoming summer occasions (i.e. music festivals, checking out the new brunch spot, or your fourth wedding of the season):

Your goal: To dabble in bold color

Siren: Yes, we know that fuchsia can be a bold choice as an eyeshadow--but trust us--it’s incredibly flattering, and really brings out the color of your eyes. Apply it in a sheer wash with the Allover Shadow Brush, or build it up with Eye Primer for extra drama with the Contour Shadow Brush.

Cosmic: The gray undertones of this dusty sky blue make your eye color richer, and warmer, and a little flash of color adds some edginess to your look. Cosmic can be super subtle and blended out, or fully embraced with Eye Primer. We love it as a liner on the outer half of our lower lashlines.

Your goal: To try a fresh take on a classic look

Luxe: This golden copper shade is a universally-flattering metallic, and a team favorite. We love it as eyeliner, we love it as a highlight on deep skin with warm undertones, and we love it in just a soft wash over the lids, with a hint of a Bardot-inspired wing at the outer edge.

Myth: It's ideal for those wanting to rock a smoky eye in the summer, and also wanting to wear a fun color. Myth is also a sneaky universal flatterer with its golden-green pigment, building and blending beautifully with additional layers.

Your goal: To find something easy, versatile, and neutral

Isla: Our go-to shade for a less-is-more neutral that brightens and gives a low-key highlight. Isla can go anywhere and everywhere for a little bit of radiance without drawing too much attention to itself. Isla is recommended for keeping in your purse and applying quickly with your fingertips for a glowy touchup. We’ll be wearing it with Lip Tint in Daisy to channel Reese Witherspoon’s look in Big Little Lies all summer.

Retail Beauty Products in Montpelier

Here at Signature Styles, we want to provide you with the best, most effective and safest beauty products on the market. We continually evaluate product lines to best enhance your natural beauty. We have the most sought after retail beauty products in Montpelierand being named the exclusive retailer for Alima Pure in Vermont.

Salon services in Montpelier do not get any better than this. Right now we want to encourage you to try the new Alima Pure line. 

Try Alima Pure...stop by for a complimentary color matching, to see the product line or make an appointment to have a personal consultation with one of our amazing stylists.

Gift certificates available!

Signatures Styles in Montpelier is elated to be selected as the exclusive retailer in Vermont for Alima Pure Makeup. We are proud and excited to bring to you, our devoted clientele, this wonderful, safe, effective, paraben and preservative free product line. 

Alima Pure provides cosmetics made from minimal ingredients for maximum effect. The mineral based products, being that they are all natural minerals, are alima pure products Montpeleiractually inorganic. Organic is a term used in animal and plant by-products.

These exquisite products are free of parabens, sulfates, synthetic dyes, phthalates, dimethicone, petroleum, talc, bismuth oxychloride, and nanoparticles.

Why Choose Mineral Based Makeup from Alima Pure

When you are considering natural beauty products in Montpelier, Signature Styles would be pleased to show you this amazing line from Alima Pure and would welcome you to visit us and see your perfect color match.

Pure skincare makeup needs to be nourishing, gentle and reliable to bring out your best features, wear throughout the day and give you the confidence every woman deserves. Knowing that the product line is safe and effective is of primary importance.

There are so many cosmetic lines out there to choose from, but we are positive once you experience Alima Pure makeup, you will understand and feel the difference. As your go-to makeup artists in Montpelier we want you to be comfortable in knowing that we strive to provide our clientele with the best, safest and most effective cosmetics and natural beauty products around.

In today's world, we are all exposed to and bombarded by chemicals in the environment, household products and sadly, womens' cosmetics. 

Alima Pure Beauty Products Montpelier

The extent of toxins, chemicals, and dangerous ingredients has been well hidden for decades.

We do not need to expose ourselves to those chemicals. Alima Pure promises you that the ingredients used in their products are natural and chemical free. They even devote an entire page that you can view HERE showing every ingredient their products contain. 

Are Mineral Cosmetics Natural/Organic?

All ingredients used in our formulations are created from natural minerals and mineral pigments that are carefully refined in laboratories to very specific standards set by the FDA and the European Cosmetic Directive. Our titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are pure untreated minerals. We always choose the very purest ingredients available for our products.

Actually it is inorganic - mineral-based vs. plant or animal-based. What this means is that our pure mineral makeup does not require preservatives or pesticides. It is also naturally chemical free.

Makeup Artists in Montpelier

Signature Styles brings you an incredible staff of beauty, hair and makeup artists in Montpelier. We work hard to bring our clients the most up-to-date techniques, the most soothing and natural products, and the entire experience that is tailored to suit you personally.

Each client is unique and we strive to help you bring out your best features and gain self-confidence with a look that suits your individuality. With our selection as an exclusive retailer for Alima Pure cosmetics, we are extremely delighted that our staff can show you how tremendously beneficial this will be for you.

Let us introduce you to this natural mineral-based cosmetic line and watch you experience the transformation. Remember, Alima Pure is Vegan, and does not contain preservatives, parabens, talc or bismuth oxychloride. Be sure to check out the ingredients page noted above. Alima Pure Make Up Montpelier

Call us today for your private showing and experience a makeup like none other.


Monday - Friday 9:00-6:00

Saturday 9:00 - 3:00

Extended hours available by appointment.


Capitol Plaza Hotel & Conference Center

100 State St., Montpelier, VT 05602

Walk-ins Welcome

Gift Certificates Available

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Pamper Mom for Mother's Day with an Appointment at Signature Styles There is a very special person in your life that has done so much for you. Yes, your Mother! With Mother's Day fast approaching, wouldn't this be the perfect time to pamper her with luxury treatments at Signature Styles in Montpelier?

mani pedi picIt can be difficult to think of something special and unique to honor our Mothers with on this very special day. We try to show them regularly how much they mean to us, are loved and appreciated. Ladies are often quiet about what they might actually like for special holidays like Mother's Day.

Keeping with the old traditions of candy, flowers and yard work has worn a bit thin. They are lovely gestures, don't get us wrong and deeply appreciated by women all over the globe.

How about trying something totally unique and ever so relaxing? Hair salons in Montpelier may offer basic services, but none can be compared with us here at Signature Styles. We have the latest product and style knowledge due to our ongoing training. We just had a fantastic Alex Anthony workshop on curly hair cuts and styles. Learning and education of the newest styles, techniques and products helps us to stand out as the perfect salon here in Montpelier to meet all your needs.

Signature Styles Welcomes Your Mom

Whether you are looking for something special for Mother's Day, a birthday, or just a perfect gift to pamper our special lady, we have some excellent options for her right here or purchase a gift certificate and let mom choose her own form of "pampering".

spa picOur Spa Services offer lash extensions, natural waxing, facials (European facials, Enzyme treatment, professional strength peels and Oxygen RX facials as well as makeup using Bare Escentuals.

Maybe Mom would enjoy a full manicure and pedicure. Picture perfect nails (Over 80 shades of colors) and soothing pedicure foot soak and scrub will rejuvenate the most tired feet.  Mom would just love such pampering and beautiful nails.

When you are looking for hair salons in Montpelier, we would like to be the first place you think of no matter the occasion.  Our stylists all share a deep commitment to education and training in order to bring you the best services, techniques and retail beauty products in Montpelier.

Does mom have curly hair? We have an amazing Keratin treatment that can reduce frizz and create a looser and more defined curl pattern.

This Mother's Day, why not pamper the Mom in your life with the absolute best? We here at Signature Styles know how important it is to be treated in a personal unique-to-you session with one of our extraordinary stylists.

Every mom deserves to be treated like a Queen. Show mom how much you appreciate all her hard work and endless care she provides everyone in her life.  Signature Styles in Montpelier can make her day extra special and provide her with much needed relaxation and rejuvenation.

It's mom's special day ! Set up an appointment for the works (hair, facials and nails) or utilize any of our spa services individually. This could be the extra special gift that mom will rave about for years to come. Think how special it would make her day to be truly pampered. Don't forget to take her out for lunch or dinner at a quiet, relaxing restaurant!

Stop by Signature Styles in Montpelier today for the best retail beauty products in Montpelier and the happiest stylists in the business. We look forward to meeting your  special lady and giving her the best pampering treatment available or stop by for a gift certificate that mom can use anytime.

Signature Styles in Montpelier, VT. hosted an Alex Anthony "Curly Cutting Class" on March 20th 2017. The workshop allowed the Signature Style's staff to get "hands on" experience with the latest techniques and styles in hair curling.

See some of the before and after images here:

- Alex Anthony "Curly Cutting Class"

alex-anthony01  alex-anthony02  alex-anthony03  alex-anthony04  alex-anthony05  alex-anthony06  alex-anthony07alex-anthony08

- Debra "before and after"

Debra-01  Debra-02  Debra-03

- Jen "before and after"

Jen-01  Jen-02  Jen-03  Jen-04  Jen-05 

- Martha "before and after" 

Martha-01  Martha-02  Martha-03  Martha-04

- Summer "before and after" 

Summer-02  Summer-03  Summer-04  Summer-05  Summer-01

Signature Styles Montpelier

Welcome to Spring! The season of fresh starts, new beginnings, and some special pampering for you. Signature Styles in Montpelier has just what you need to make the most of the coming seasons of warmth and sunshine. 

Your hair, skin and nails are an important part of your overall self-esteem and just general feel-good experiences. We are always feeling so much better and brighter when our hair is flowing smoothly, our skin is bright and clear, and our nails have that professionally done look.

Salon Services in Montpelier

Today you have many choices of hair salons in Montpelier that offer full specialty services. With Signature Styles, our energetic and up-to-date stylists bring so much more to the salon experience and provide you with in-depth personalized attention.

IMG 9918Signature Styles offers you the services and products that you need today. Our staff of independent stylists have tried and tested the products we use in the salon and believe in the product results. Our selection of retail beauty products in Montpelier exhibit our determination to bring you only the best on the market.

“ We strive to be the premier full service salon by offering the latest hairstyle, make-up, and nail service trends. Style offerings range from modern classic to the most up-to-date trendy. The stylists all share their commitment to education and training. As styles are constantly changing, staying current enables the talented design team to offer new and exciting looks. “

Our salon offers more than just hair cuts! With exquisite spa options you can pamper yourself with Natural Waxing, NovaLash eyelash extensions, manicures, nails and pedicures, facials (choose from four different types) and make-up using Bare Escentuals.  What better way to take care of the skin and hair you have than to experience a full treatment to make you feel like a princess?

Hair Cuts in Montpelier

Whether you are looking for a simple cut and style, or need something elegant for an upcoming wedding, our experienced and dedicated stylists here at Signature Styles are ready to make your dream come true.

We pride ourselves in being able to meet each client's needs and provide the best service and experience in Montpelier. See our Hair Services page for pricing and options. 

IMG 6137 300x100000We are excited about our All Natural Brazilian Keratin Treatment. This is an amazingly wonderful process that repairs all hair types including:

Chemically damaged

Naturally curly

Safe for all ages

We are Central Vermont's Exclusive Certified Location! Let us show you how the All Natural Brazilian Keratin Treatment can restore your hair to health and vibrancy.

Signature Styles Welcomes You

Conveniently located at the Capitol Plaza Hotel & Conference Center on 100 State St. in Montpelier, you can easily schedule your appointment with us for a time that suits your busy day.

Although walk-ins are welcome, in order to provide the utmost in personalized care, we do recommend that you schedule an appointment.  We want your experience here to be a personal and relaxing time. You deserve a special day to pamper yourself, whether for a new hair style, color, keratin  treatment, facial, manicure or one of our other special services. 

The amazing team here at Signature Styles looks forward to welcoming you and helping make your time here with us special.